1 – The Longsoaker automatically releases fresh bait into the gear when the user wants it to.
Commercially available Galvanic Time Releases (GTRs) are used to automatically release the fresh bait into the gear as desired by the fisherman. GTR release times range from eight hours to five days. Multiple Longsoakers can be used in a pot to deploy fresh bait on multiple days. For example, an Opie fisherman who knows he is on good crab can set multiple Longsoakers to deploy on day two, three and four. Thus, ensuring fresh bait is consistently fishing for a greatly extended period. If a fisherman knows he has good bait in the gear, he may not need to roll through the gear as often.


2 –Use of the Longsoaker allows a fisherman to deploy fresh bait in the middle of the worst storms.
With modern weather forecasts, a fisherman generally knows he will not be able to run his gear and for how long. When bad weather is predicted, the Longsoaker can release fresh bait right in the middle of the storm and keep the gear fishing while the competition continues to fish old bait or even no bait. Imagine how nice it would be to get fresh bait into your gear during a five-day storm with 25 foot seas.


3 –In longer soak fisheries, the Longsoaker increases catch rates in the second half of the soak.
Obviously, when there are crab or lobster to be caught, fresh bait on day three or four will increase catch rates on a six or seven day soak.


4 –Using the Longsoaker allows the fisherman to maintain fresh bait when it is illegal to haul the gear.
Some major seasons start with a baited gear dump three days before it is legal to haul the gear. Use of the Longsoaker allows the fisherman to deploy fresh bait on the second day of the soak without leaving the dock. This has been proven to provide a huge competitive advantage over other fishermen and the increased production has paid for the investment in just one use.


5 –Longsoakers are economical, durable and built to last.
Longsoakers pay for themselves quickly and the Galvanic Time Releases (GTRs) are reasonably priced and widely available. Longsoakers are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. The quality of the workmanship is guaranteed.

6 – Longsoakers are easy to use and deckhand friendly. Re-baiting a Longsoaker is an easy process that typically will not slow an operation down. Longsoakers are installed or removed from the gear in a matter of seconds.

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