The Longsoaker Time Release Bait Jar is a revolutionary new fishing device that is surprisingly simple and easy to use. The Longsoaker has been adapted for use in many different types of shellfish and fish pot gear and to deploy any common bait. Extensive testing has revealed some helpful tips that will help fisherman get the most production out of the Longsoaker with the least amount of effort.

1) Ensure a good O-Ring seal. Be careful about pieces of bait or ice preventing a quality seal. Typically, sand, mud and slime won’t be a problem. Should the rubber O-ring not properly seal when the container is baited a leak could occur once it is  deployed. The Longsoaker will still function but the bait will not be kept dry as intended.

2) Be careful not to stretch the hanging bungee assembly too tight. When positioning the bungee inside the pot or trap, only a small amount of tension is necessary to ensure the Longsoaker will properly open. If the bungee tension on the Longsoaker hanging tabs is extreme, the O-Ring seal could be broken and cause the Longsoaker to leak.

3) Don’t set the Longsoaker too deep.  Since the container keeps sea water out until it releases, it must withstand extremely high external water pressure. Advanced engineering and high quality materials have been used to ensure the device does not leak or fail. The Longsoaker stays water-tight to over 360 ft (60 fa). When fishing deeper water, the Longsoaker can be rigged to allow pressure equalization to unlimited depths. Bait is still protected from current, sand fleas and eels until it is released.

4) Keep the Longsoaker reasonably clean. Just like in conventional bait containers, spoiled bait left inside the Longsoaker from previous uses can degrade new bait. It is suggested that the Longsoaker be rinsed from time to time.

5) Keep plenty of Galvanic Time Release (GTRs) on hand. Longsoaker Fishing Systems Inc. is pleased to offer GTRs at a greatly reduced price.  It is wise to have a supply of GTRs aboard so the containers can be used in a wide variety of situations ranging from overnight soaks to two week storms.

6) Ask questions and provide feedback. The staff at Longsoaker Fishing Systems is happy to answer any questions users may have and work with fishermen on custom applications. In addition, we are always looking for new ways to improve the Longsoaker and make it even more productive. Feedback is always welcomed.

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