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Fully assembled McGirk Longsoaker

Shown open on top and closed on the bottom.   Includes all necessary rubber straps and bungees.

Price: $20.00

Custom Longsoaker Holder

This product securely holds the Longsoaker in place as it is rigged. Use of the holder increases the speed and ease at which the Longsoaker can be re-baited. It is designed to be securely mounted at the bait station.  Durable welded aluminum construction

Price: $99.00

6.25” Crab Caliper

Certified accurate to +-.001”.  Anodized finish makes wear obvious.  It also has a helpful bottle opener.

Price: $12.99

Longsoaker Outer Housing


Price: $7.99

Longsoaker Inner Bait Basket


Price: $6.99

Suspension Harness Replacement


Price: $1.99

Galvanic Time Release


Price: $1.00

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